Forbidden Desires: A Passionate Tale of
Love and Boundaries

Ash ZI portrays the gripping and forbidden romance and the blurred line between affection and temptation. Take the plunge into this captivating quest of desires, secrets, and self-discovery.

About Ash ZI

Ash Zi is a young writer with expertise in portraying fantasy, romance, and drama. She uses influential words and has a certain storytelling style, enabling her to take fellow young adults to a different dimension of reality, encouraging them to reflect on their own existence. She strives to remind readers that they are not alone in facing life hurdles and that countless souls are living their lives with similar trials. Ash wants everyone to know that moving ahead in life is a must while facing challenges.

Ash was born in the Philippines on April 21st but raised in the delightful city of Boise, Idaho. Although she is a novice author and new to the literary universe, her unwavering determination enables her to diligently work to bring her stories to enthusiastic readers.

“Challenge Accepted” is Ash’s premier novel that depicts her personal experiences and ambiguous love connections. This literary masterpiece beautifully captures the intense feelings she experienced when she was emotionally shattered and how she yearned for a different yet unique ending.

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Exploring the Depths of Complicated Emotions

Dive into an emotional whirlwind to explore the subtleties of intricate feelings, unraveling the depth and complexities of the human heart.

Experience a romantic flirtation that takes an unexpected twist, leading characters into a challenging situation that keeps you guessing until the end.

Dive into the depths of a secret relationship, where forbidden love with emotional desires and haunting mysteries interwind, engaging readers with a narrative of desire, intrigue, and peril.

About Challenge Accepted

When Zion becomes Stella’s professor, everything changes. The flirting for the past three years turns into a predicament where they can’t hold back their feelings for one another. Lines are crossed, and Stella’s emotions are more complicated than when she was a freshman and sophomore in college. Until the summer before her junior year of college, she thought she was still holding onto someone from her childhood. Her desire to know what she and Zion has overtaken her fear of not being able to love anyone anymore.

Can Stella and Zion get through their troubles and be with one another? Will all the boundaries and walls come down once everyone gets their shit together?

“I won’t love anyone if I can’t love you” - Zion

“I can’t love anyone unless it’s you” - Stella

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Challenge Accepted

By Ashleigh Ziegler